Walk Behinds
Our walkbehinds come in a variety of sizes such as 42, 44, 46 and 48" diameters. Utilizing a combination of Pan floats, Combo Blades and some of the most experianced and well trained operators and finishers in the industry we can assure nothing but the best. With leading edge machines such as this, we assure a perfect finish every time, exactly as you need it.
Ride Ons
Imagine two of the incredible walkbehinds side by side working simultaneously to accmoplish the same goal. Like our walk behinds, our ride on doubles polish concrete with ease at the hands of our experianced finishers. With these behimoths at our disposal, no job is too large, and most certainly no job is finished with imperfections.

Magic Screed

Running a business ourselves, we know time is money, which is why these nifty little machines make so much sense! Thanks to the small honda motor on its back, it vibrates the long steel blade to smooth out and level concrete, usually in only one pass!  Thanks to this time saving wonder every body saves time, money, and the end result is never anything but perfect. 

Backpack Vibrator