Finishing tools such as Power Trowels allow our experienced staff to more efficiently  and reducing the likelihood of any flaws in whichever finish you choose! Check out our fleet of state of the art finishing equipment. 

Finishing Equipment

Placing Booms

No matter how large the pump , it will not reach a 20 story building; as the building goes up, as does a placing boom.  Essentially the top half of a pump suspended on a modular tower with power packs, radio controls and fed through high pressure piping whatever lengths is needed to get the job done. 

Our fleet ranges from 32 - 58 meter boom lengths; 4 section roll - folds to 5 section z booms and almost unbelievable 100 cubic meter per hour line pumps, Luso has the pumps to get any job done. Partner our state of the art equipment with our knowledgeable and experienced staff,  your job site is in good hands with the the Luso family!


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Laser Screed

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